LaPenn is mightier than the sword

Welcome back adventurers,

An interesting end, to perhaps the oddest day in your life. To recap: We have one unconscious CPA official, a couple of guards beguiled, and what looks to be a massacre of the Dunder Mifflin office.

After breaking down the door to the second story office at the CPA building, Thengar began a furious search for the shipping manifest that started this whole debacle. In his furor, he picked up a curiously placed potato that seemed to emit a magical energy. The room began to shift, and move, and he soon found himself surrounded by vicious animated objects. His cohorts quickly found him and helped him subdue the constructs.

After the scuffle, Totix Wishburn arrived on seen with a guard. In exchange for taking the blame and after offering a bit of gold, you all decided to assist Totix in apprehending who he believes is responsible for the mess, LaPenn Quill. Totix will find and recover any derelict artifacts, while you try and find the responsible party

He believes that LaPenn is holed in a cave to the NE of the Shimmering Fields.

As the fog rolls in and out across the rolling hills, a prickle of fear, the anticipation of adventure, and a feeling of something other creeps into the back of your mind.

What does the journey hold for you?


alejandrodelaparra alejandrodelaparra

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