Foggy memories

Hail adventurers!

It was bright and beautiful morning overlooking the shimmering fields. Farmhands, and milkmaids out and about, tending to their modest estates. As you overlooked the fields, your gaze was drawn to the impending fog, looming ominously to the NW. Unfortunately, your quest would take you headfirst into the darkness.

Staying close to the path would surely keep you safe and sound, right? Wrong! Disoriented by the magic mists enveloping the group, Schlomo, Cecil, and Thangart found themselves in a reclaimed village (the very same that Kallista once encountered). Bheri, and Kallista now separated from the group, encountered a peculiar little creature who seemed to value friendship, as well as suspense.

Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, Thangart ended up in a fighting pit, across from the hulking chief Onos. Quick as a fox (or dragon), Bheri cast a crown of madness upon Onos, transforming him into a living golem of rage. One domestic dispute later, and a rather award worthy acting performance by Schlomo, the villagers welcomed the adventurers to stay with them for the night.

A lonely morning greeted the group, but left them gifts nestled carefully in an unadorned chest.

Can the crew complete their task of apprehending LaPenn Quill, or will the fog choke out all within…?


alejandrodelaparra alejandrodelaparra

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