We're still the good guys, right?

Today was not easy. A rockslide started what would quickly become the most harrowing delivery you have ever made. Through the rumbling and tumbling, winding and high-flying, your team managed to come out of this delivery alive, and you even save the cargo (mostly)!

Awaiting your arrival at the docks was Totix Wishburn, the gnome bard of Selley Castle. He informed you that he was investigating the illegal smuggling of magic items out of Sheercliffe port. He confiscated the cargo, and payed you 10gp as he seemed to pity you (presumably the crying helped).

After heading to The Fat Horse tavern for a couple of pints, you receive a hidden note in your loaded baked potatoes. The note is from Totix, and tells you to seek the shipping manifest. The group stumbles out of the bar and decides that tonight is the night that they will solve the mystery.

Arriving at the Cliffside Port Authority building (Also serving as city hall), the crew decides to break in after hours in an effort to either find the manifest, or confront “Theli,” the dwarven shipping foreman. In the darkness, Cecil and Shlomo approach the office of Falthor, a supervisor in the CPA housing division. Despite your best attempts to calm him down, he yells for the guards… is time running out?


alejandrodelaparra alejandrodelaparra

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