Foggy memories

Hail adventurers!

It was bright and beautiful morning overlooking the shimmering fields. Farmhands, and milkmaids out and about, tending to their modest estates. As you overlooked the fields, your gaze was drawn to the impending fog, looming ominously to the NW. Unfortunately, your quest would take you headfirst into the darkness.

Staying close to the path would surely keep you safe and sound, right? Wrong! Disoriented by the magic mists enveloping the group, Schlomo, Cecil, and Thangart found themselves in a reclaimed village (the very same that Kallista once encountered). Bheri, and Kallista now separated from the group, encountered a peculiar little creature who seemed to value friendship, as well as suspense.

Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, Thangart ended up in a fighting pit, across from the hulking chief Onos. Quick as a fox (or dragon), Bheri cast a crown of madness upon Onos, transforming him into a living golem of rage. One domestic dispute later, and a rather award worthy acting performance by Schlomo, the villagers welcomed the adventurers to stay with them for the night.

A lonely morning greeted the group, but left them gifts nestled carefully in an unadorned chest.

Can the crew complete their task of apprehending LaPenn Quill, or will the fog choke out all within…?

LaPenn is mightier than the sword

Welcome back adventurers,

An interesting end, to perhaps the oddest day in your life. To recap: We have one unconscious CPA official, a couple of guards beguiled, and what looks to be a massacre of the Dunder Mifflin office.

After breaking down the door to the second story office at the CPA building, Thengar began a furious search for the shipping manifest that started this whole debacle. In his furor, he picked up a curiously placed potato that seemed to emit a magical energy. The room began to shift, and move, and he soon found himself surrounded by vicious animated objects. His cohorts quickly found him and helped him subdue the constructs.

After the scuffle, Totix Wishburn arrived on seen with a guard. In exchange for taking the blame and after offering a bit of gold, you all decided to assist Totix in apprehending who he believes is responsible for the mess, LaPenn Quill. Totix will find and recover any derelict artifacts, while you try and find the responsible party

He believes that LaPenn is holed in a cave to the NE of the Shimmering Fields.

As the fog rolls in and out across the rolling hills, a prickle of fear, the anticipation of adventure, and a feeling of something other creeps into the back of your mind.

What does the journey hold for you?

We're still the good guys, right?

Today was not easy. A rockslide started what would quickly become the most harrowing delivery you have ever made. Through the rumbling and tumbling, winding and high-flying, your team managed to come out of this delivery alive, and you even save the cargo (mostly)!

Awaiting your arrival at the docks was Totix Wishburn, the gnome bard of Selley Castle. He informed you that he was investigating the illegal smuggling of magic items out of Sheercliffe port. He confiscated the cargo, and payed you 10gp as he seemed to pity you (presumably the crying helped).

After heading to The Fat Horse tavern for a couple of pints, you receive a hidden note in your loaded baked potatoes. The note is from Totix, and tells you to seek the shipping manifest. The group stumbles out of the bar and decides that tonight is the night that they will solve the mystery.

Arriving at the Cliffside Port Authority building (Also serving as city hall), the crew decides to break in after hours in an effort to either find the manifest, or confront “Theli,” the dwarven shipping foreman. In the darkness, Cecil and Shlomo approach the office of Falthor, a supervisor in the CPA housing division. Despite your best attempts to calm him down, he yells for the guards… is time running out?

We sorta fell in to it?

Hello adventurers.

Your adventure begins in the rocky coastal town “Sheercliffe.” A bustling shipping port, it is located about a days travel from Selley Castle.

Sheercliffe gets its name from the jutting fjords that surround it on all sides. It also holds a sizable military presence under that banner of Rolf Selley, lord of Selley castle. Its rock walls provide ample protection from sea attacks, while the fertile shimmering fields that surround the town help to sustain the the surrounding villages.

You adventurers have been living in Sheercliffe for years now, working as longshoremen. The job is dangerous, the pay is terrible, but the beauty that surrounds makes it all worth it.

Feeling good on a Morndas, the crew assembles for the daily dock run. This shipment seems heavier than usual, but nothing that your motley crew can’t handle. You traverse the rocky path down to the docks with your cargo in tow when suddenly…

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